Planning for future restoration work

While life has paused for many, trees are continuing to grow and areas of land are still degraded in places, so plans are progressing in the Cairngorms Connect area towards our 200-year vision for habitats, ready for when restoration work is possible…

Lockdown may have stopped many things, but the seeds and cuttings in the Tree Nursery at RSPB Abernethy are still growing regardless, which is great news for the planting that we plan to do over the next few years.

Although much of the Cairngorms Connect area is seeing forest expansion through natural regeneration, our tree nursery is key to helping protect the threatened communities of montane woodland and missing tree species. The nursery will help to expand native woodland, through a combination of tree planting and seed scattering to create pockets of trees that can then start to spread further over time, naturally. This process of supplementing the native woodland is introducing species which should be present in places but are currently missing due to historical land management practices so that as the woodlands regenerate over time, this mix of species is present. In higher, more remote areas, the few remaining montane willow trees will have new cuttings and saplings from the nursery planted close by to boost numbers and encourage viable seed production.